Who Are We? 

The Pink Politic site is dedicated to any and all Americans who have found themselves without a voice in a system designed to suppress a citizen’s individual rights. 

We believe our forefathers built the foundation of this great country with a vision of freedom and fairness in mind.

Creating a government structure that is free from bias while simultaneously respecting our freedoms and rights on a scale as grand as the United States of America is not impossible but is also not easy.

Mistakes are made, and policies serving no purpose grow from lack of experience and greed. 

It is not shameful to make mistakes.

It is shameful to ignore mistakes made without the intention to correct the wrongs.

This is especially true when failed policy and government structure stifles our individual inherent constitutional rights. 

Nobody ever claimed being the biggest and the best would be easy, just as nobody ever imagined how complicated it is to build a nation. We can no longer turn our heads at the failed policies, agendas rooted in greed, and self-serving political motives. Our country is torn in half.

Misinformation fuels anger, hatred, judgment, and ignorance.

Our technology is fantastic but also plays a role in our predicament. It is essential to realize there are two sides to every story, and then there is the truth. To get to the truth, you must use tolerance, open-mindedness, honesty, and empathy. 

Always research all views on any subject. Using these opposite views to determine a possible middle ground starting point requires kindness, respect, and integrity and is key to solving the crisis in our nation. 

We must be involved, and involvement is easier than you think.

Contact your senator by clicking this link and share your opinion on issues important to you.

However, before you bring your voice to the table, be sure it is a voice carrying an opinion based on facts and knowledge and achieved utilizing viewpoints that are not just your own.

It takes a village to raise a child, not a child to raise a village.


The Pink Politic Agenda

  • We go through every means possible to gather all relevant information and facts surrounding each case in one place for readers to view easily.
  • In our articles, we interview families according to availability and research all aspects of the unsolved cases we highlight.
  • We seek out reputable sources and attempt to verify information if possible. 
  • We try to give readers as much evidence as possible from all angles to paint a clear and factual picture of the situations surrounding every case.
  • We always use integrity in our articles, including avoiding false information, rumors, and gossip. 
  • We NEVER reveal information uncovered in interviews without express permission from the subject of our interview.
  • We ALWAYS protect our sources who prefer to be unnamed.
  • We support the Constitution of the United States, specifically the First Amendment.


Although we always use our best judgment when telling our readers a story, sometimes false information is unintentionally relayed in our content.

While we attempt to weed out incorrect statements from our sources, we sometimes fall short. While this is never ideal, it is the nature of the beast.

If ever you read something on our site that you know to be false, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

We invite corrections because we are not interested in embellishment or bias.

We are truth seekers at our very core.

We will immediately retract anything we find false upon reviewing the content in question and after a thorough investigation. 


  • Please be aware that the content you read on our site may sometimes be but is not always our individual opinion.
  • A part of telling someone’s unique story is to give our readers insight into the thought process of the person for whom we are writing the story.


  • Our stories often highlight certain suspects who have witnessed or even committed a crime.
  • Anytime we write about alleged suspects in open or closed cases, the assumption is that they are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
  • The purpose of our site is to give victims a voice that has thus far been unheard in an overburdened system.
  • Although law enforcement and our courts need serious reform, we do not intend to create a general bias against these agencies.
  • We recognize government agencies that humbly attempt to correct problematic procedures and policies as needed.
  • We also appreciate their attempts to be part of the solution and no longer a part of the problem.  

Pink Politic is a site that’s primary focus is advocating for reform within the state of Missouri.

At Pink Politic, we are neither right nor left.

We are interested in providing different views from many sides so that you are able to make informed decisions.

Our site’s news is gathered from various local and national news sources. We try to aggregate from the right, left, and center. 

We are a work in progress with a vision.

Pink Politic

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