The ‘mchele’ they use to spike your drinks

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They know how to target their prey. 

“When what you do every single night is sit in night clubs where men can find you , once one walks through the door you can tell if they are vulnerable enough not to see it coming or not.  You just have to pay attention while waiting for the right time to slip it in while they are carried away , dancing away or thinking about what they will do to you later that night,” Nyambura paints a picture. 

A person’s drink can be spiked to make them more vulnerable for a variety of motives, including theft or sexual assault, and the different types of spiking include a number of substances being added to your drink.

The substances may be alcohol, date rape drugs’, illegal drugs or prescription drugs such as stimulants ,opiates , tranquilizers or sedatives. 

Investigations by Healthy Nation show that a number of drugs, mostly sedatives and ‘date rape drugs’ , are being used for this life-threatening illicit activity.

The commonly used drugs include stilnox, amitriptyline, rohypnol, vailum and ketamine. 

According to Dr George Njoroge, a board member at the Kenya Medical Research Institute and the founder of Centre of Africa’s Life Sciences, who is credited for spearheading the discovery of the anti-cancer drug SARASAR®, Stilnox belongs to a class of medicines referred to as hypnotics and works by binding to special sites in the brain and makes one go to sleep.


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