Missouri House Bill 1462 passed 101-40 yesterday, allowing people with legally concealed firearms on public transit.

Missouri House Bill 1462 passed 101- 40 yesterday, allowing people with legally concealed firearms on public transit and in places of worship.

Yesterday House Bill 1462 passed 101- 40 in the Missouri House. The bill heads to the Senate, where the NRA-ILA hopes the General Laws Committee hears it.The bill states that law-abiding citizens with valid concealed carry permits will be able to conceal and carry firearms in previously prohibited places such as public transit and churches.

The NRA-ILA website reaches out to its readers by saying this regarding the bill:

“House Bill 1462 repeals arbitrary “gun-free zones” that do nothing to hinder criminals, while leaving law-abiding citizens defenseless. It removes the prohibition on law-abiding citizens carrying firearms for self-defense on public transit property and in vehicles. This ensures that citizens with varying commutes throughout their day, and of various economic means, are able to exercise their Second Amendment rights and defend themselves.”

NRA-ILA Website

The United States Second Amendment “Right to Bear Arms” is historically a hot subject between the Democrats and Republicans. The war in Ukraine brings alive the purpose of private citizens bearing arms. Ukraine is the only country in Europe where firearms are unregulated by statute.

Ukraine has been at war since Russia invaded its borders in February of this year. The Ukrainians surprised the world with their tenacity and Ukrainian pride.

At first, being dubbed the underdogs, the Ukrainian people seemed doomed. Surprising the entire world they turned it around, and it appears Russia is starting to withdraw with the spirits of their troops broken.

When the war started, Ukrainian President Zelensky, more of a suit and tie type, responded to offers to get him out of the country safely with:

“I don’t need a ride. I need ammunition!”


Donning camo and firearms, he and most of his government, including women and members of parliament, learned to shoot and fight on the fly. The citizens of Ukraine joined their government and persevered.

The mass devastation and casualties in Ukraine, along with the horrific scenes being left behind of citizens tortured and murdered as Russians retreat, are indicative of what can and will happen. This is why people feel it is necessary to always be in a position to protect yourself.

Many say anti-gun laws protect criminals because criminals don’t file for permits. They acquire guns on the black market. Criminals are armed on public transit, just illegally. Citizens deprived of their Second Amendment rights become victims of criminals with illicitly obtained firearms.

Missourians must know the happenings in the Missouri General Assembly. Your officials can’t speak on your behalf if they are unaware of your opinion.

Change comes from involvement, and involvement is easier than you think. Click this link to email your senator your thoughts on Bill 1462.

What are your thoughts on Missouri gun laws?

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