Mikayla Jones went missing last year.

The people she was with denied knowledge of her whereabouts.

They lied to the police and her mother.

They smashed her phone, set it on fire, and threw it in the river.

They placed her dead body 30 feet from Highway M near Potosi.

They left Mikayla’s body in a heavily wooded area in Washington County.


Andrew Pierce and Ethan Civey were offered a deal on abandoning a corpse and destroying evidence. They will only do 18 months in prison.

Please remember that anyone discussed regarding the Mikayla Jones case is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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Stacey Jones believes her daughter was raped and murdered.

The evidence shows her daughter in videos, photos, and recordings.

Mikayla Jones is 100% unable to give consent to sex.


The confession.

Andrew Pierce called a private investigator working on Mikayla’s case at midnight and said he wanted to confess to dumping her body after weeks of searching for Mikayla and several police interviews in which he and Ethan Civey lied to Stacey and authorities. He led authorities directly to Mikayla’s body the next morning. Andrew claimed he woke up and Mikayla was dead next to him. Andrew’s story was accepted by the police. The following circumstances were never considered.

The investigation.

An investigator is a person whose job is to examine a crime, problem, statement, etc. in order to discover the truth and an investigation is the process of inquiring into or following up; research; study; inquiry, especially patient or thorough inquiry or examination; 

Cambridge English dictionary
  • It was assumed Mikayla overdosed by the Washington County Sherriff’s Department in Missouri. The initial assumptions were made by the lead investigator.
  • This investigator was removed from the case because he was allegedly a “close friend” of Ethan Civey’s mother.
  • He was also removed because he “mishandled evidence.”
  • Mikayla’s phone was inside his desk and he released numerous private videos from her phone to her Snapchat account which he said was an “accident.”
  • Upon finding Mikayla’s body police publicly stated she was an overdose victim. The police reported publicly on a news station that Mikayla overdosed and her body was “abandoned” by Andrew and Ethan.
  • There was no autopsy or toxicology performed on Mikayla at this point.
  • Andrew’s story was not questioned by investigators. They assumed he was telling the truth although his record and reputation prove he is not a trustworthy source.

An assumption is defined as something that is accepted by a person as being true, or a belief that something is certain to happen, without any known proof of it. A willingness to accept something as true without question or proof.

The decision to close a death investigation should never be based on assumptions.

Assumptions remove the purpose of investigators.


The facts.

  • Mikayla did not know Andrew or Ethan previous to the last two days of her life.
  • Mikayla was a beautiful 18-year-old girl who was not known to partake in heavy drugs and hang out in trap houses.
  • Andrew Pierce is a 35-year-old “alleged” drug addict and small-time dealer whose girlfriend died of an overdose” just a few months previous to Mikayla’s disappearance. Andrew told people that she committed suicide. He called 911 when she died.
  • Mikayla didn’t date older men at all especially men like Andrew Pierce.
  • Andrew Pierce and Ethan Civey both have a history of violence and drug use and violence against women.
  • Andrew and Ethan lied to the police for weeks, denying knowledge of Mikayla’s whereabouts. They gave conflicting stories and even after “coming clean” about dumping Mikayla’s body they still told conflicting stories and Ethan specifically changed his story several times. They lied continuously from day one and it is noted in all of the police reports.
  • Andrew and Ethan admitted to beating Mikayla’s phone with a rock, setting it on fire, and throwing it in a river. They were charged with destroying evidence. They never denied she was at Ethan’s house “partying and using drugs.” Why did they feel the need to destroy her phone?
  • If their intentions were to claim she must have overdosed at a later time with someone else, why were they worried about what was on her phone?
  • Andrew & Ethan’s behavior “after” Mikayla’s body was found continued to be suspicious.
  • After admitting to putting Mikayla 30 feet from the highway they had no reason to continue lying unless they were covering something up.
  • They both agreed to lie detector tests and they both backed out and refused to take the tests.
  • The first autopsy was performed by Dr. Diediker. Three of his autopsies this year have been challenged with second opinions. All three came back completely different than he originally stated in his reports.

Statement from Washington County Sherriff Zach Jacobsen

Mikayla’s body was found heavily decomposed off Highway M near Potosi.

Two men were charged with abandoning a corpse and tampering with evidence.

“They not only dumped my daughter like trash, they trashed her phone, torched it, and threw it into the river,” Jones said.

But the sheriff says no evidence has pointed to murder so far.

“It’s not that we don’t want to seek justice in this case, we have submitted the reports to the prosecuting attorney, and he has filed the charges that are available to fit the crimes that we can prove were committed,” –Washington County Sheriff Zach Jacobsen said.


An investigator is a person whose job is to examine a crime, problem, statement, etc. in order to discover the truth and an investigation is the process of inquiring into or following up; research; study; inquiry, especially patient or thorough inquiry or examination; 

Cambridge English dictionary

Without investigations, investigators serve no purpose.


Dr. Diediker’s initial autopsy of Mikayla Jones.

The 1st toxicology report from Dr. Diediker only shows traces of “meth” in Mikayla’s system and no other substances.

Although Dr. Diediker could not determine if the “methamphetamine” killed Mikayla, he still ruled that it did indeed kill her. He also admits the circumstances surrounding her death are unclear and ruled her death “undetermined.”

Symptoms of methamphetamine intoxication include:

  • Enlarged pupils.
  • Rapid, slowed, or irregular heart rate.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • High body temperature.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Altered mental status.
  • Agitation.
  • Paranoia.
  • Anxiety.
  • Severe sleep disturbances.
  • Extreme mood changes.
  • Violent outbursts.
  • These symptoms do not fit the story told by Andrew & Ethan. They said she died in bed next to Andrew. Someone experiencing a meth overdose is not lying down in bed. Methamphetamine is a stimulant or an “upper.”
  • Dr. Diediker also claims he performed X-rays on Mikayla’s entire body and found no signs of trauma.
  • According to the second autopsy performed this was also not true.
The second autopsy of Mikayla Jones.
  • The second autopsy shows contusions and bruising on Mikayla’s upper thighs along with a linear fracture in her skull conducive to blunt force trauma.
  • The second toxicology report shows several additional drugs in her system that Dr. Diediker somehow missed.

Date Rape drugs were found in Mikayla’s system.

  • Two of the drugs found in the second toxicology are drugs that are commonly used in date rape & rape. Furthermore, when used together, even at low doses, those two drugs have rendered many people into a blackout, confused, unable to remember what happened, and dead.
  • Amitriptyline & dextromethorphan (cough syrup) are commonly overlooked in rape and murder cases by police.
  • There are many articles in regards to rapes and murders being facilitated with all of the substances found in Mikayla’s system but specifically the amitriptyline and dextromethorphan.

The ‘mchele’ they use to spike your drinks

Is It Safe to Combine Amitriptyline & Alcohol?

‘I Couldn’t Move, ’Woman Testifies Against Suspects In Two Drugged Rape Cases.

Convicted child murderer drugged and killed 18-year-old

Serial Murder of Four Victims, of Both Genders and Different Ethnicities, by an Ordained Baptist Minister



Did Andrew Pierce and Mikayla Jones have sex?

  • Andrew Pierce and several others admitted in written statements that he and Mikayla engaged in sexual intercourse. This is a fact. There are also several video clips of the actual act.
  • In several statements, there are claims of Mikayla crying and emotional and Andrew and Mikayla having sex. It is stated she was crying and emotional because Andrew told her about the sickness he had recovered from; however, that sickness was not real. It was a story Andrew made up to coerce money out of his parents. That “sickness” had already been confirmed as false previous to this date, and Andrew was no longer claiming to be sick.
  • How did witnesses know why Mikayla was crying?


Andrew Pierce Statement

Ethan Civey Statement

Doyle Statement

Incapacitation, drugs, and consent.

Consent in Missouri includes intoxication.

Missouri law provides that rape in the first degree is committed if the offender has sexual intercourse with another person who is incapacitated, incapable of consent, or lacks the capacity to consent, or by use of forcible compulsion. Forcible compulsion includes the use of a substance administered without a victim’s knowledge or consent which renders the victim physically or mentally impaired so as to be incapable of making an informed consent to sexual intercourse.

Mo. Rev. Stat. § 566.030

Evidence of Drug Use & Incapacitation

  • There are many times when all three witnesses claim drug use.
  • Nobody denies drug use.
  • There are several statements claiming Mikayla was using Xanax & marijuana however, those two drugs were NOT in her system.
  • This means that she had not used Xanax for days previous and marijuana for weeks previous.
  • All three suspects claim Mikayla was the one supplying the Xanax.
  • Mikayla has no history of selling drugs, she had no Xanax in her system.
  • Two statements from people who know Briley and Ethan claim Briley does sell Xanax.
  • Mikayla’s behavior observed in video and audio clips is conducive to someone drugged with amitriptyline and dextromethorphan.
Andrew Pierce Statement

Ethan Civey’s Statement

The above statement proves that Mikayla was incapacitated but it also substantiates that she may have been drugged with Amitriptyline and dextromethorphan.

He states that Mikayla was on Xanax but she had no Xanax in her system.

Rodney Barron Statement
Sonnie Crump Statement


It’s important to remember that a person can be conscious and still be incapacitated. Even if a person says “yes” to sexual activity while they’re incapacitated, it is rape

In every photo, Briley is lucid and aware and Mikayla is not.


This specific photo is of a video uploaded to Mikayla’s Tik Tok and the hand holding Mikayla’s head up was positively identified as Andrew Pierce’s.

The caption underneath is a caption that is believed to be written by Andrew Pierce or Ethan Civey.

The caption clearly shows they knew she was incapacitated. This is also not the type of video Mikayla would ever post on her Tik Tok. Someone else uploaded this video with her phone.

The caption underneath says:

“n this is y girls don’t need coblain”

This post is underneath that video:


Although the above post references cocaine and marijuana neither were found in Mikayla’s system.

Fentanyl, Amitriptyline, and Dextromethorphan was found in her system.

Following is the video posted on Mikayla’s Tik Tok page. The video shows her inebriated but then cuts to a different clip of her smoking something that appears to be a cigarette. She is attempting to light the “cigarette” with another object which is not a “lighter.” This further proves she is inebriated.

This video was posted by someone other than Mikayla on her Tik Tok account. The hand in the video was identified by the tattoos and verified to belong to Andrew Pierce.

The video was tagged with the hashtag #fyp. This is a common hashtag people use to help their posts get more views. The video appears to be staged to appear a certain way and posted with hashtags so as many people will see it as possible.

This video appears to be a form of an “alibi” as if to say, look everyone Mikayla is not a victim. Mikayla would never condone a video such as this being posted on her Tik Tok account and her family and friends were horrified and immediately concerned because it was not typical of her behavior.

The following video was sent to the “Justice for Mikayla Jones” Facebook page along with some messages from an unknown person using a fake account.

In this video someone is coaching Mikayla on what to say. She is clearly inebriated. She is clearly being told what to say. This video is staged. It is unclear what she is speaking about. One thing that is clear however, is that the video was taken and held onto and only sent to Stacie Jones after Stacie started demanding an investigation for rape and murder be opened.

Mikayla’s family and friends claim that they have never seen Mikayla in this state before and it is totally out of character. Law enforcement has chosen to view this video as proof that Mikayla was “consenting” to sex and drugs along with other videos discussed below. People who are educated in “rape” and “consent” view it as disturbing and alarming. It appears to be another “alibi” for Andrew, Ethan, and Briley.

Following are the screenshots of the messages sent with this video.

Withdrawal of consent
  • Withdrawal of consent must also be demonstrated by mutually understandable words or actions that clearly indicate a desire to end each form of sexual contact.
  • Once withdrawal of consent has been expressed, that form of sexual contact must cease. Should someone become incapacitated in the middle of a sexual encounter, consent has automatically been withdrawn.
  • An individual may be found to have been incapacitated if they demonstrate that they were unaware of where they were at the relevant time, how they got there, or why or how they became engaged in a sexual interaction.
  • Where alcohol and/or drugs are involved, incapacitation is a state beyond drunkenness or intoxication.
Indicators of Incapacitation
  • Some indicators of incapacitation include lack of control over physical movements, lack of awareness of circumstances or surroundings, or the inability to communicate for any reason.
  • Any individual who is aware, or should be aware, that another individual has had too much to drink to meaningfully consent to the sexual activity will be held responsible. Therefore, it is critical to be aware of the other person’s level of intoxication if engaging in sexual activity.
  • Under the law, if a person’s ability to resist or consent to sexual acts is substantially impaired because of a mental or physical condition, and the other person is aware that this impairment affects their ability to resist or consent, then they can be charged for rape if they commit sex acts with the impaired party.
  • As noted, an incapacitated person cannot give knowing and voluntary consent. A Respondent will be held responsible if a reasonable person would have known the Complainant was incapacitated.
  • There are laws about who can consent and who can’t. People who are drunk, high, or passed out can’t consent to sex.

Please read Mikayla’s story and sign her petition.

If our local government refuses to see, we must open their eyes.

Sign Mikayla’s Petition Here

Currently, two suspects, in this case, will quite possibly get probation and the third will not be held responsible at all.

We cannot let the people who killed Mikayla walk free to do it again.

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