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Last Photos of Mikayla

This is clipped from a video of her being coached into telling the camera she is making decisions of her own free will.

This is the last video of Mikayla alive.

This is not something Mikayla Jones would ever post on her Tic Toc page.

This is very disturbing & authorities don’t see anything suspicious about these photos.

In the last video posted Andrew Pierce has his hand around her neck and is holding Mikayla’s head up. Andrew’s tattoo on his hand was positively identified immediately.

Mikayla is clearly drugged. Underneath the video, a caption refers to “coblain.”

“Coblain” is a term used by Ethan Civey to describe a “joint laced with fentanyl.” The only problem is Mikayla had no marijuana in her system.

When Ethan gave a statement to police he claimed Andrew still had the fentanyl pills that killed his ex Desiree’, who Andrew says committed suicide. Andrew called the police when his girlfriend died and he kept the pills that killed her.

Ethan told police while he cried during questioning that Andrew refused to get rid of the pills and told Ethan he was going to sell them.

According to people on social media who know Ethan, it seems he regularly partakes in “coblain.”

There are three people in the room with Mikayla in this video, all three coherent as opposed to Mikayla’s condition however, all of their statements and messages to Stacie Jones don’t make sense.

Ethan’s statements to the police are questionable, to say the least. He told the Sheriff’s Department and The Highway Patrol two very different stories. Police pointed out his inconsistencies in the statement.

In the video below, immediately following the part shown below where Mikayla is unable to hold her head up there is a flash where the video was edited, and another clip was dubbed in of her being awake and under the influence but coherent.

There are many problems with this video that police seem to have dismissed.

  • Mikayla has never in the past posted a video of her being under the influence of drugs or alcohol on social media.
  • When I interviewed her family and her best friend they all verified that Mikayla would never let someone else just have free access to her phone, especially people she did not know.
  • The people she was with prove they do not know her by posting that video on her social media without her permission. Underneath the video, there are several members of Mikayla’s family and her close friends commenting. They are very concerned and confused as to why she would post something of that nature on her social media account.
  • Stacie Jones stated in our interview that Mikayla was getting ready to take a drug test for a new job. She did like to smoke marijuana but she quit so she could pass a drug test for work.
  • Her toxicology verifies she has no marijuana in her system. This is significant in determining the intent of the suspects when they posted the video.
  • The video was made to appear as if she was smoking “coblain” willingly however, she did not have marijuana in her system and needed to be clean for a drug test. In the edited part at the end, she is smoking a cigarette.

The song used on the Tic Toc in the video of Andrew holding Mikayla’s head up is called “Giving Girls Cocaine” by Lil Peep:

{Intro: Lil Peep}
I don’t wanna take my time

{Pre-Chorus: Lil Peep}
I don’t wanna take my time, girl, give me it now
If you wanna take this line let me know right now
Baby, ’cause I’m breaking it down
Girl, give me it now
Let me know right now, let me know right now
Girl, give me it now

{Chorus: Lil Peep}
(Ooh, GothBoiClique) Giving girls cocaine
(Ooh) Giving girls cocaine
(Ooh) Giving girls cocaine
(Ooh) Giving girls cocaine

{Verse: Lil Tracy}
Didn’t know her first name, fucked her on the first date
Breaking down that cocaine, vampire stay away
She said I’m insane, yeah, I know you like that
Give it to me right now, I’ma give it right back
GothBoi, blood dripping in the club light
Switchblade cut coke, give a bitch lines
GothBoiClique, I don’t give a fuck, bitch
Young punk bitch, fucking on a drunk bitch (Blegh)

Ironically enough the song describes exactly what Stacie Jones believes happened to her daughter.

The song refers to “breaking down cocaine” and “switchblade cut coke” which means adding other substances to the cocaine. There are several reasons to “cut” drugs.

One reason is that “fillers,” such as fentanyl, are very inexpensive and make the drug weigh more. This means the dealer makes more money. Fentanyl also makes the drug stronger which is another reason someone might cut their drugs.

In Mikayla’s toxicology report she tested positive for Fentanyl, Amitriptyline, Methamphetamine, & Robitussin. Fentanyl is the number one killer of young adults today, more so than car accidents and suicide.

Read Mikayla’s toxicology reports & cause of death information


In Mikayla’s case, it was the amitriptyline and dextromethorphan that caught my attention. These two substances are commonly overlooked by law enforcement as a sign of foul play. However, there…

There are text messages between several people including the suspects discussing how Mikayla was drugged and raped. When Mikayla started to come out of her drug-induced state it was said that she was very angry and accused Andrew of raping her for hours.

She was very combative and angry and desperate for a ride out of his house and that is the last time anyone heard from her alive. She was yelling at Andrew and according to his ex, who is the mother of his children, and his sister, that is exactly the type of behavior that will bring his violent rage to the surface.

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