Two girls overdose and die just a few months apart with the same man.

Mikayla Jones, 18 years old

1st pathology report submitted by Dr. Deidiker

The cause of death was ruled an “overdose.”

Two men dumped Mikayla’s body in a ditch.

The two men are Andrew Pierce and Ethan Civey.

Andrew Pierce’s “girlfriend” died of an overdose when with him just a few months earlier.

The lead investigator, Detective Steven Rion, is friends with Ethan Civey’s mother.

Mikayla’s family obtained a second autopsy.

The second autopsy stated the cause of death included “possible evidence of foul play,” and while there were drugs in her system, it was not a lethal amount.

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Mikayla And Derontae were high school classmates in Park Hills and died weeks apart in May 2021 under strange circumstances in Washington and Madison Counties.

When Derontae died and she heard it called “suicide”, Mikayla told her mom “she knew for a fact Derontae did not kill himself & that he was murdered.” Within weeks Mikayla was dead too.

In part two of this series, we will cover another person who was witness to Derontaes death and is now missing.

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Mikayla ran into a girl she knew of through mutual friends but had never hung out with before. She decided to hang out with her, and they had a car accident. Her name is Briley Brackett.

Mikayla Jones

Mikayla made several calls trying to find a ride home and couldn’t. Briley called two men to pick them up. Mikayla did not know the men.

Briley spent the evening posting videos to her “Only Fans Account” and made money off them, then left at 3 a.m. Mikayla was left there by her in the middle of the night. She was 18 years old, and Andrew was a 33-year-old alleged drug dealer.

When Mikayla’s mom figured out who Mikayla was with, she contacted Briley. Briley told her that “Mikayla left town to be a stripper in Texas, and she was sure of it.” Briley gave Mikayla’s mom a story that didn’t match anyone else’s.

Mikayla was found dead in a ditch on May 20, 2021, 13 days later.

In the case of Mikayla Jones, Dr. Deidiker ruled her death was caused by “an overdose.”

Adamant that something wasn’t right and stories were not adding up, Jones’ parents arranged a second autopsy. The second autopsy determined that Dr. Deidiker was partially correct about drugs being present in Mikayla’s system; however, there was not a lethal dose of drugs in her system.

The second autopsy also found multiple contusions on her lower extremities and a fractured skull, which resulted in the second autopsy stating “possible evidence of foul play.”

Deidiker left those facts out in the first autopsy and it was not consistent with the story of the men who dumped her.

Based on their statements of what happened, the men she was with were charged with abandoning a corpse and tampering with evidence.

Andrew claimed Mikayla slept in the bed with him, and he woke up, and she was dead. Both men admitted to dumping her body, but Mikayla’s mom said their stories were questionable and she’s never known her daughter to be on drugs.

“They not only dumped my daughter like trash, they trashed her phone, torched it, and threw it into the river.” 

-Stacie Jones

Mikayla’s mother is accusing the Washington County Sheriff’s Department of corruption, but Sherriff Zach Jacobsen said, “No evidence has pointed to murder so far.”

Later, it was uncovered that the lead investigator, Detective Steven Rion, is known to be friends with Ethan Civey’s mother and was removed from the case due to this and for several other indiscretions.

Another girl died of an overdose three months prior and was the girlfriend of one of the men charged in Mikayla’s case.

Andrew Pierce was in a relationship with Desiree Link the night she died in March 2021, just three months earlier.

But when Desiree overdosed, he called the police. It is unclear why he did not call the police when he says he “found Mikayla dead in the bed next to him.”

“The Good Samaritan Law” Under this law, the person who actively seeks emergency medical help in the instance of an overdose (or another medical emergency) and the person experiencing the medical emergency will be protected from minor drug and alcohol violations.

On February 22nd, Desiree posted she was in a relationship with Andrew Pierce and tagged him in several posts. On March 4th, she turned 28 years old, and on March 29th, she was dead.

Desiree Link’s death was ruled an overdose by Dr. Deidiker, and she died in an apartment she shared with Andrew in Potosi in Washington County.

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