‘I couldn’t move,’ woman testifies against suspect in two drugged rape cases

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When they returned to the bar, Humphrey offered them a shot of clear liquor, which the women accepted. Both testified that he walked up with each drink in hand and did not see him order them from a bartender.

Before that point, Woman A said she had consumed less than one beer, but within 15 to 20 minutes began to feel strange. The second woman testified consuming marijuana and “one or two beers and two shots” that night. Both testified the strange feeling they had was not from alcohol.

“I went to the bathroom and felt kind of tired, drowsy and out of it,” she said. “My friend tried to get ahold of me. I answered the phone and didn’t know where I was. I said I would call her back and that’s where I lost everything. I don’t remember much of anything after that.”

State police crime lab rape test swab reports found DNA that matches Stiff, evidence showed. A toxicology report also found Amitriptyline in the woman’s system, an odorless, soluble compound used as a prescription antidepressant.

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