Is It Safe to Combine Amitriptyline and Alcohol?

Other effects that result from alcohol consumption can become much more pronounced when amitriptyline and alcohol are taken together. Slowed reactions to outside stimuli, problems with judgment and higher-order thought, and poor motor control can all be the products of drinking excessive alcohol. These effects can become even more apparent when combining amitriptyline and alcohol.

The ‘mchele’ they use to spike your drinks

the substances may be alcohol, date rape drugs’, illegal drugs or prescription drugs such as stimulants ,opiates , tranquilizers or sedatives.
Investigations by Healthy Nation show that a number of drugs, mostly sedatives and ‘date rape drugs’ , are being used for this life-threatening illicit activity. The commonly used drugs include stilnox, amitriptyline, rohypnol, vailum and ketamine. 

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